Specialized Preschool Services

Specialized Preschool Services

Harwood Center’s specialized preschool services are offered to children beginning at the age of 18 months through a transition to kindergarten, who are experiencing delays in their development or have a diagnosed developmental disability.

Services are offered at 1 preschool locations and are delivered by highly qualified staff and experienced special education teachers. Classroom ratios are low and educational activities are delivered by three staff to 8 children allowing for structured individualized programming for each child.

Opportunities for inclusive activities with typically developing children are available as we are located inside preschool facilities.

Hope Presbyterian Preschool

8500 Walnut Grove
Monday – Friday

Hours 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Children may attend Harwood Center two, three, or five days a week, depending on availability. The school operates a full-day 12 month program providing a quality, early childhood education. Children may receive therapy services while at school from Harwood’s behavior therapists and/or the child’s speech, occupational, or physical therapists. We also welcome children with medical needs provided their nurse is with them during school hours.

Harwood Center strives to enable children with special developmental needs to reach their full potential by achieving and demonstrating more positive development in cognitive, social, language, motor and self-help skills. By adequately preparing children for kindergarten, particularly those with special needs, fewer resources and supports are needed for the children long term to be successful. We recognize that teaching children functional skills and behavior management, will in turn enhance the lifelong well-being of young children with special needs, reduce health-related & educational expenses by decreasing the need for long-term special education & corresponding services.