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Harwood Center is currently seeking qualified Special Education Substitute Teachers

Position:   Special Education Substitute Teacher

Under the direction of the Harwood Director of Education, the Special Ed Substitute will provide developmentally appropriate learning experiences for children enrolled at Harwood Center in accordance with the educational goals and objectives set out in the Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP), IEP,IPP, or service plan.

Knowledge and Behaviors Needed

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Strong command of English language
  • Above-average competency in at least two subject areas (such as math and social studies); overall average competency in most or all subjects
  • Ability to remember many names
  • Flexible, friendly and good at establishing quick rapport with students
  • Setting the proper tone from the beginning for classroom management

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Responsibilities will include, but will not be limited to, the following:

Follow regular teacher’s lesson plans in a way that ensures consistency and optimal learning, and that encourages students to participate

  • Assign classwork and homework as necessary, according to lesson plans
  • Modify teaching styles to fit the learning styles of various students
  • Maintain a well-managed classroom and positive learning environment


  • Supervise students out of class such as in the hallways and in the cafeteria
  • Create lesson plans, grade classwork, homework and tests and attend parent-teacher conferences (only for long-term sub assignments)

Company Requirements

  • Employee physical and TB skin test
  • Clear background check including local, state and out-of-state police data checks and FBI fingerprinting investigation
  • The ability to lift, push, and pull up to 50 pounds
  • The ability to squat, bend, crawl, and sit on the floor
  • The ability to move quickly to keep pace with toddlers and preschoolers
  • The stamina to remain alert and energetic for 7 hours


To apply, please submit resume and cover letter to:

For Education:

Latasha Brown

For Applied Behavior Analysts (ABA) Services
Rachel Lauletta

Also accepting applications for:

Full Time Teachers, Applied Behavior Analysis Technicians, Substitute Teachers and Teaching Associates.