Early Intervention Services

The community need for the social and economic benefits of early intervention is well documented. By addressing development issues during a child’s maximum rate of learning and development period, early intervention can, in many cases, help to avoid more costly special education services later on and also can, in some cases, result in the child being indistinguishable from typical classmates in later years.

A three-year Tennessee study showed that every dollar spent on early intervention yields a $7 savings within 36 months. Another study spanning four decades documented a return to society of more than $17 for every tax dollar invested in early education. Providing coping strategies to families allows less stressful participation in everyday family activities. Early Intervention Services of Harwood Center can help.

Specialize Preschool Classrooms

Journey Community School

680 Hanley St.

Memphis, TN 38114



Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Classrooms

University Of Memphis

3875 S Tiger Paw

Memphis, TN 38152

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am to 5:30pm