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Harwood Center’s Annual Holiday Party

The Harwood Center held its annual Christmas party Friday morning. Founded in 1957, Harwood is a nonprofit agency that provides support and education for Mid-South families and children from birth to age five who are affected by developmental disabilities. Gwen Suggars, a teacher at Harwood, sings along with (from left) Gael Guerrero, 2, Shetrece McNeal, 3, and Madison Worles, 3.

The Holiday Party is sponsored by the Children’s Foundation of Memphis.

Harwood Center’s Annual Holiday Party

Chris Myers President Harwood Board of Directors, Neil Berlin President B’nai B’rith, Claire Moss  Executive Director Harwood Center, Michele Wilson  Harwood teacher at the Jewish Community Center & Dr. Joel Tureztky Vice President B’Nai B’rith.

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Harwood Center Announces the Opening of a Third Location in Cordova

Thursday, August 27 was the grand opening of the Les Passees Harwood class at Hope Presbyterian Preschool. The ladies of Les Passees awarded Harwood $75,000 to open this program for children with special needs. The children were very excited to play in their new classroom and to receive the many gifts the Les Passees members gave the children opening day. Fredrika Felt, President of Lichterman Loewenberg Foundation, was on hand for the ribbon cutting of the new classroom. We look forward to a long partnership with both Les Passees and Hope Presbyterian Church..

Tennessee’s Early Intervention System Recognizes The Harwood Center

For 50 years of dedicated service to children with developmental delays and their families. Tennessee’s Division of Special Education also honors Harwood Center’s commitment in raising community awareness to the importance of early intervention.

And a special acknowledgment for her leadership on behalf of Tennessee’s children with special needs to Executive Director Margaret Headrick.

(Right: Joseph F. Fisher, assistant Commissioner, Division of Special Education, Margaret Headrick, Executive Director of the Harwood Center, and Jamie T. Kilpatrick, Director Early Childhood Programs, Division of Special Education.)


Early Intervention Gives Kids with Autism an Edge

Center to Open Specialized Classrooms for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Harwood Center is opening new classrooms for young children with autism. These classrooms are in addition to the existing home and community-based services for children with autism spectrum disorders and center-based programs for children with other developmental delays. Each classroom will have 5 children, a certified teacher, and two to three teacher assistants. Parent training and involvement is also a critical part of the new program. The classrooms are partially funded by the Tennessee Department of Education Division of Early Childhood Special Education. Additional funding is provided by United Way of the Mid-South, grants, and corporate and individual donations. Services for eligible children are at no cost to the family.

Harwood Center begins Pet Therapy Program

Harwood Center, an early intervention center serving children with developmental disabilities, is pleased to announce that it now has a certified Pet Therapy Dog working in its classrooms. Parker, a yellow lab, attends Harwood Center two days a week with his owner and certified pet therapy trainer, Bernadette Getzler. Bernadette is also a Harwood Center teacher.