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Aspire Public Schools

In 2015, Harwood Center announced a new partnership with Aspire Public Schools. Harwood’s location at the Boling Center is serving as a special-ed preschool placement for children enrolled in schools operated by Aspire Public Schools and Promise Academy.


In 2015, Harwood Center announced the opening of our first transition classroom for children needing an additional year of preschool to better prepare for kindergarten. The classroom is located at Hope Presbyterian Preschool in Cordova.

In 1999, the Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) designated Harwood Center as an early intervention resource agency.

In 2003, TDOE selected Harwood Center to help develop a statewide training program on autism for early intervention providers.

In 2009, Harwood Center partnered with Les Passees, Inc. to fund Harwood’s third location at Hope Presbyterian Preschool, 8500 Walnut Grove

In 2010, Harwood became a private nonprofit & expanded its services by opening preschool classrooms for children age 3 to 5 with developmental disabilities

In 2011, Harwood entered into a partnership with Baptist Memorial Health Care

In 2013, Harwood implemented a center based behavioral services program for children needing intensive one on one therapeutic services

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Memphis’ Harwood Center for children with developmental delays open to all now

Gifts to the Harwood Center help children with disabilities get a better start in life