Board of Directors

Our Board’s composition today is a strong, balanced blend of skills and experience, offering guidance in core areas important to Harwood.

Executive Officers

Jim Harwood


Garrett Guynes

Vice President

Perre Coleman Magness


Elliot Kiersky


Board of Directors

Joe Evangelisti
Jim Harwood
Elliot Kiersky
Dennis Long
Janet M. Geiger
Bill Loveless
Alan Jay Perlman
Alice Trottman
Ann Wieties


Mr. Richard D.H(deceased)
Mr. Richard Block (deceased)
Mr. Sam Cooper (deceased)
Mr. Ronnie Haas (deceased)
Dr. Robert Jordan (deceased)
Mr. Herbert Lichterman (deceased)
Mr. Beirne Prager (deceased)
Mr. Sam Wilson (deceased)
Mr. Mark Vorder(deceased)
Mr. H.H. (Kip) Lichterman(deceased)
Dr. R Wayne Speer (deceased)